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Cement weighing and dosing system

     Customer: “Karaganda asbestos-cement products plant”, Ltd.

     Control system is implemented on the basis of PLC Simatic S7-300, CPU313C. As weight measurement eliments it was used charging cells Siwarex R of SB series, with calculated load 1000 kg, connected in parallel.
     As weight measurement module it was used SIWAREX U, which fully allows integrating weght measuring functions in SIMATIC. On the technological part, SIWAREX U carries out all functions of the weight measuring technique, also forms weight value and controls it to marginal rate overrunning.

     SIWAREX U offers following functions:
  • alignment of the weighing machine (including theoretical alignmemt)
  • measurend filtration
  • weight calculation
  • zero release
  • limit value control (Min/Max)
     There is a structural configuration of weight measurement system at the picture No1ю

Picture No1

     Operators sensor panel TP177B is destined for displaying of technological process condition. Operator’s panel needs for displaying of technological process main parameters, such as current weigh batcher mass, mounting setup, batch quantity, and general cement expenses. On the picture 2 there is an exposure of weight measurement technological process displaying.

Picture No2

Project implementation period
     Project implementation period is 3 months.

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