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Modernization of milling machines with NC DRX3000SUP

     Customer: «MKgrup»,Ltd., Karaganda

Technological Process Specification
     Wood processing plant, situated in Karaganda, was opened at the end of 2006. At the moment of opening the plant was fully completed by modern equipment with microprocessor control of China production. It was installed NC milling machine DRX3000SUP for wooden planck working and carved doors and pane producing. During adjustment it was fuond out that some machine functions are blocked and some blockings don’t work; it wasn’t allow outputing the machine work on the project level, whereas mechanic didn’t have censures, therefore it was made a decision to modernize the machine for using it more rationally. So, it was used modern drives of Japanese firm Yaskawa as motion drives and it was decided to modernize only NC system, upgrated maximum functional machine possibilities.

Picture No1

     NC systm modernization was carried out on the eliments Sinumerik 802C of the firm Siemens, added additional wheel guards of manual positioning on axis, it is very simplified adjustment and further machine operation, it was changed alarm system, addedadditional ends, also output virtual ends and limitations, permitting to change tools from the tool storage unit without serious consequences and to do work on the planck, without fear to cut vacuum cups.

Picture No2

     For convenience of task forming on the machine work, picture transferring from the development program into special NC code it was insralled additional personal computer connected with NC panel. It was installed additional software package on the computer. It was permitted upgrating big machine possibilities.

Picture No2

Project implementation period
     Project implementation period is 2,5 months, commissioning is September, 2007

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