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Developed automation complete devices

“RVSA” Ltd. has developed industrial process automation complete devices, which were implemented and successfully passed industrial tests in different sectors of national economy. Here are some of them as follows:

FDS-ACS - frequency-regulated drive control station.

EDCSP - Electric drive control system of pumping unit.

Control Cabinet1SBR-M - Control Cabinet1SBR-M– the complete device, destined for soft regulation of borer rotation speed for the drilling machines, type SBR-200m and SBR-200

CRVDsm - multifunction excitation device for synchronous motors with armature microprocessor current regulator either for brush excitation system or for nonbrush excitation system. CRVD needs for wide motor range.

BRS - protection unit from overvoltage and field breaking with resistor module. It is manufactured for the specific synchronous motor and excitation system.

STK - turbo-compressor automatic control device on the basis of microprocessor technique, it is supplied as unified instruments and automation system with parameter sensors and executive units. Optionally it is packaged by CRVDsm exciter for the drive motor. Compressor group is packaged by general parameter control system, visualization system and remote control.

SVP - air blowers automatic control device, constructed as STK. It is used for working automation of Gas Boosting stations.

DOT1 - motometer) turbine speed control sensor, allowing remote taking speed readings with displaying them in the digital form on the several working places, also it has parametric outputs of emergency and warning signaling.

SDBRU - automatic metering device with reciepes forming and reports on expandable materials. The device needs for using on oncrete mixing units, asphalt plants, paint production lines.

ASTRA-M – air dividing block control device of oxygen production, it was developed on the basis of microprocessor technique changing ASTRA system. The device has the hot reserve – two controllers provide immediate program grab, without process interrupt.

ARU – fuel consumption automatic regulation device for PSU control and dust feeders of steam boilers and hot water boilers.

RTZO-M - cabinets with frequency drives and small-size starting device for executive device and regulating valve control. It has high reliability and meets all safety requirements

All this equipment has diagnostics, different visualization levels and Russian-language interface. It is anticipated product adaptation under the concrete service conditions according to customer requirements.

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